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2019 Mind & Body Transformation CHALLENGE

We are extremely excited to bring you the most amazing Mind & Body Transformation Package we ever have! We have helped hundreds of people achieve incredible results through personal training, group training, specialized programs and past challenges and we want to share this success with you. This time we are taking it to another level! The whole program is based on proven training, nutrition and coaching methods we at Definition use to provide athletes and general population with extraordinary results. With these methods included in the program, we have achieved great success in body transformations, bodybuilding, fitness and bikini competitions, fitness and cover models, powerlifting, sports training and more. Our whole team has been hard at work studying, learning and applying the latest fat loss techniques from around the world. We specialize in Body Transformations and it’s what we absolutely love to do! Our passion for fat loss, nutrition, muscle building and toning, strength training, programmed cardio is all included in this package. After years of experience with hundreds of clients, we have now brought them all together, to ensure you achieve the most amazing results you ever have.

what people say

  • Martina

    I joined the 12 week challenge as a way to lose the last remaining stubborn weight and I was completely stunned at my result, I didn't expect it.

    Martina  - customer
  • Claude

    The results I’ve achieved through the Definition Fitness 12 week challenge have been life changing. Not only have I lost weight but I’ve increased my muscle mass and flexibility.

    Claude  - customer

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